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Whispers Series gets a new look.

Well, what do you think? I think my girls have outgrown the previous covers, so the entire series has been redesigned. Have you gotten a chance to read the series? I sure hope so. Sometimes updates take a while, but I expect the new covers to be showing up within the week. Be looking for book seven this fall. 🙂 whispers.webWhat do you think of Sophie? This ebook is free at all major ebook sites. Check out my Amazon page HERE. 


AJ’s and Krysta’s covers are also my favorites.



Say Please! A Something More short story…

Because I’ve had so many requests, I’ve decided to give readers one more Christina and Andrés story. It will be a novella, or novelette, not a full length book, as I do not have time in my writing schedule for anything longer, but it will give the reader a glimpse into their life four years after they first meet. I hope you will enjoy it. ❤ Tara


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Witch Blood is out and on sale!

WitchBlood.adWhispers book six released today! On sale for .99 for just two days. Get yours now. Don’t Tell Mother and Krysta’s Curse is also on sale for .99! For a complete list of Tara West’s Whispers series, including free and .99 downloads, go here:

Witch Blood Amazon.

Witch Blood Amazon UK.

Witch Blood Nook.

iTunes link coming soon…

Witch Blood by Tara West: If Sophie Sinora survives tonight, she’s sure to be grounded for life. But that’s the least of her problems. She’s thousands of miles from home, people are not who they seem, and she doesn’t know friend from foe. She needs to keep her hot witch boyfriend, with an even hotter temper, from losing his cool before the incubus finds them and steals their souls. And she’d thought she was having a bad week when she sprouted that ginormous pimple on her nose. If only her life was that simple.

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Witch Blood is almost here!

So I know Witch Blood’s release date was scheduled for the end of February, but it’s going to be out a little early, as in tomorrow! Please remember to load your Kindles and iPads with Sophie, AJ, and Krysta’s latest story. I hope you enjoy it!  Witch.Blood.web

Here’s another scene from Witch Blood:

   “Ethan, I’m sorry.” I reached toward him, but he jerked away.

          “Not as sorry as Sleznick’s going to be,” he growled.

          “Efan, you’re too hot. Get away,” his sister whined.

          When Ethan scooted toward me, I gasped. The heat radiating off his body buzzed with this strange ominous hum. Oh, this was so not good.   

          In all my life, I’d never been as scared as I was now. We were being hunted by a demon with powers beyond our knowledge, and my boyfriend was set on killing him. I got this sick roiling feeling in my gut that Ethan would be the one killed instead, and me and Kaylee along with him.

          “You can’t go after him.” The edge of fear that punctured my words was sharper than a razor blade. “You don’t know what he’s capable of.”

          Ethan kept his gaze forward, and I held my breath as his hair stood on end and his entire face turned blood red. He squeezed his hands in his lap, his arms and shoulders stiff, the veins in his neck bulging like raging rivers. “I don’t care. I’m going to kill him.”

          “AJ and her family will be here in a few hours. We need to wait for them.”

          Ethan just stared straight ahead, his face a mask of stone and his eyes unblinking.

          Panic alarms were ringing in my ears. What was Ethan planning? He couldn’t risk exposing us to Sleznick. The incubus would kill us all. I wasn’t ready to die. I was barely a kid. Images of my family flashed through my mind. My mom and dad would be heartbroken. My nephews would grow up without their aunt. I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t let Ethan risk our lives just to get revenge. Steeling my resolve, I turned to him and squared my shoulders.

          “Ethan, are you listening to me? We need to wait for AJ’s family.”

          My stomach lurched into my throat when the boat tilted forward. I turned just as the other passengers collectively gasped. Holy heck!

          A giant swell of water rose up behind us from out of nowhere. I didn’t remember this happening on the Dreamy World ride. This wasn’t supposed to be a roller coaster. This was a gentle ride for little kids and terrified teenagers.

          The crest of water pushed us forward at an alarming pace as the boat violently banged against the railing while whizzing by the Dreamy singers of all nationalities getting tucked into bed.

          Kaylee giggled and held up her hands as water droplets from the cresting wave splashed our heads. The other passengers laughed nervously while casting anxious glances at each other. They probably hadn’t expected to be catapulted by a roaring tidal wave on this ride, either.  

          Ethan’s face was now crimson. I did a double take, thinking maybe the flashing Dreamy World lights were casting a strange shadow over my boyfriend, but no, his face was truly crimson… and glowing!


Add Witch Blood to your GoodReads TBR list

Witch.Blood.webWitch Blood (Whispers book six) is over on GoodReads now. Please add it to your TBR pile. Initial beta responses are in, and so far they love it. I sure hope you do, too. The book is scheduled to be released the end of February, but I predict it will be released a week or two early. I can’t wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, here’s another (unedited) scene…


“Ethan, I’m so sorry,” I said as soon as we pulled out of my driveway. 

          He shrugged a shoulder and laughed, doing his best to look casual, but I wasn’t fooled. The way he clutched the steering wheel reminded me of that time I held onto the safety bar at Dreamy World’s haunted castle ride. Again, in my defense, I thought those ghosts were real.          

          “Don’t be,” he said. “He’s doing what dads do.”

          “You mean embarrassing the hell out of me?” I groaned.

          He laughed again, but the nervous energy behind it skirted across my psyche, and I felt Ethan’s panic jumping off his skin in erratic currents.

          I didn’t want to pry into his mind, even though, as a telepath, that’s what I did best. But seriously, what was up with Ethan?

          I should have been the one on edge. Ethan’s heady cologne wrapped around my senses in a warm embrace, setting my hormones on high alert. And his full lips were begging to be kissed. I could practically hear them calling to me. I was sorely tempted to ask Ethan to pull over so we could make out.

          Besides, I so wanted the distraction after my crazy week. Maybe a make out session was what he needed to take the edge off, too. 

          “So we’re really going to your parents’ party, right?” I asked.

          Ethan shrugged again, clutching the wheel even tighter. “Only for a little while, and then we have to go someplace safe with my kid sister.”

          His nervous energy hit me like a blast of hot air. I crossed my arms over my chest, narrowing my eyes. “You want to tell me what’s going on?”

          Ethan sucked in a deep breath, and then his words fell out of his mouth in a jumbled mess on the exhale. “My parents assembled their coven. They’re going to banish Sleznick to hell.”

          I blinked once, then twice, waiting for my boyfriend to break into a fit of laughter and tell me that it was all just a joke. But his features hardened like granite, and the temperature in the car dropped like twenty degrees. 

          Even though I was wearing a warm jacket, I shivered as the gooseflesh rose on my arms. “Excuse me?”

          “They’re doing a ritual to banish the incubus, Sophie. They need us there.” 

          “Omigod!” I squealed, even though my teeth had started to chatter. “What are we supposed to do? I don’t know how to banish anyone.”

          I swear the temperature dropped another ten degrees. Even though my limbs felt frozen, I leaned over and set Ethan’s heater to full blast.

          We’d come to a stoplight, and Ethan was staring at it like he was transfixed. Finally, he turned toward me, and I watched a knot jump in his throat as he swallowed. “You don’t need to do anything. We just need your uhhh…” He turned away, his cheeks flushing as bright as the glaring red light in front of us.

          “My uhhh?”

          His words spilled so fast out of his mouth, I swear they were going to trip on his tongue along the way. “My dad says he needs the blood of a virgin witch to lure Sleznick to the ceremony. So he wanted to ask me if you were maybe able to do it.”

          I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing at this point, and I gaped at my boyfriend like he’d grown a second head. He looked away from me and put the car in drive. I turned my head and stared out the window as cars whizzed by. At first, my brain was too numb to process what Ethan had just told me, but then his words started to filter into my brain, like coffee on a slow drip.

          Virgin. Witch. Blood. Sacrifice.

          Holy heck!

          Ethan had pulled into the driveway of a two story house. Several cars were parked along the sidewalk, and all of the lights were on inside. Voices carried from behind the large bay window where I saw shadows moving frantically about.

          O-mi-freaking-God! We were at his house!

          “Are you serious?” I practically screeched.

          The car suddenly warmed to the point that Ethan had to roll down the windows and let in the cool air. He turned to me with his palms out in a defensive gesture.

          “They just need a drop of your blood from your finger for the sacrifice.” He cringed. “That is, if you’re eligible.”

          I’m pretty sure my heart fell to the pit of my stomach. “If I’m eligible?”

          His face contorted, making him look like he’d just swallowed a whole lemon. “I know you and Frankie were going out before.”

          “We haven’t done anything, Ethan,” I said on a low growl. “I haven’t done any of that with anyone.”

          “Whew. That’s a relief.”

          Was the boy smoking some kind of magic crack? Instinctively, I reached out and punched him, which was totally out of character for me. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t punched anyone since that time Patty Ledbetter royally kicked my ass in the sixth grade, but I was so angry I was practically seeing stars. “I can’t believe you!”

          Ethan jerked back and rubbed his shoulder. “Sorry, it’s just we were going to have to use my sister. She’s only four and she’d probably freak.”

          “And what makes you think I won’t freak?”

          Ethan pinched his fingers together. “It’s just a tiny drop of blood. I swear.”

          Just take me home, I wanted to say, but I clamped my jaw shut, even though I was sorely tempted to jump out of Ethan’s car and make a dash for home. Somehow watching old crime dramas with my dad sounded far better than spilling my virgin blood for a demon. I poked a finger in his chest. The heat radiating off him was palpable. “Why can’t they use your blood?”

          Ethan’s face colored before he looked away. 

          I clenched my fists by my sides and scooted back against the door. “I see.”

          Ethan’s shoulders hunched. He looked ready to sink beneath his seat. “It was a long time ago, Sophie.”

          “That’s okay.” I waved him away with a flick of the wrist. “I don’t need to know.” Truthfully, the thought of Ethan doing that stuff with another girl gnawed at my insides like a starving dog with a bone, but I wasn’t about to tell him that. He was older than me, plus he had a car, and he was cute. Really cute. I was sure he’d had more than one girl, and I was sure it wasn’t that long ago.

          “Sophie, if we don’t banish him, we’ll never be safe.”

          “What if something goes wrong? What if they don’t banish him?”

          “My parents are powerful witches. I trust them.”         

          “Sure you do.” I rolled my eyes. “You’re not the one being sacrificed.”

          “Okay,” he said on an exhale. “We’ll have my sister do it.”

          “She’s freaking four years old!” I wagged a finger, sorely tempted to ball up my fist and punch him again. 

          “We need a virgin, Sophie,” Ethan pleaded, his bright blue eyes darkening and his lip turning down in a too cute pout.

          “Fine. I’ll do it.” I folded my arms across my chest and flashed a pout of my own.

          When Ethan leaned forward and brushed a feather soft kiss across my forehead, I felt my resistance weaken even more. 

          This had to be the worst first date in the history of history, and I was the craziest, stupidest girlfriend on the planet. I knew we needed to get rid of Sleznick. I shouldn’t have been a baby about a little drop of blood, but I didn’t need AJ’s gift of foresight to know that this ritual had the potential to go terribly wrong.  



Witch Blood first draft is FINISHED!

Great news, everyone! Witch Blood (Whispers Book Six) is finally finished and with my great beta readers! Then, it’s onto my awesome editor, Theo. If all edits and revisions are completed ahead of schedule, I will not wait until the February 27 release date.  Now, here’s a sneak peak at Witch Blood. Please remember this is the first draft. ❤ Tara

Chapter One

        Witch.Blood.web  Swish, gargle, spit, rinse, spit, spit, spit…

          I couldn’t seem to get the taste of bile out of my mouth no matter how many times I brushed my teeth. I clutched the side of the bathroom counter as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Dark circles that looked more like bruises hung under my eyes like heavy thunderclouds, a sharp contrast to my ghostly skin tone. My long, dark hair was a straggly mess, and my ordinarily vivid green eyes were dull and lifeless, sunk in their sockets, as if they, too were hiding from the horrors that may be lurking outside my home.

          Basically, I looked like I’d been drug through hell and back. A shiver stole up my spine at the thought. Because it could really happen, since I’ve discovered my history teacher, Mr. Sleznick, was an incubus after my soul.

          After a day of fainting, and then having a vision about my teacher from hell, then trying to control two morphling witch toddlers, you could say I’ve had a stressful day.

          And I thought my week was off to a bad start when I sprouted this pimple on my nose. If only my life was that simple. What I needed was a good night’s sleep.

          Fat chance.

          Since I knew it’s physically impossible to sleep with one eye open, I guess I’d be pulling an all-nighter. My cat, Alessia, who’s also my witch’s familiar, told me Mr. Sleznick’s powers were stronger at night.

          If a soul sucking incubus tried to sneak through my window tonight, I wanted to be ready. I’ve already stolen my dad’s hunting knife and slipped it underneath my mattress, though I don’t know if a knife will be able to ward off his powers, whatever powers he may have.

          Alessia told me every time an incubus kills a witch and steals her soul, he also absorbs her powers, and I’m not sure how many witches he’s already killed or what he’s capable of. One thing I know, he’s impervious to my mind control. He demonstrated that today when I tried to persuade him to let us out of detention.

          I repressed another shudder before splashing my face with warm water. I pumped some makeup remover onto a wet washcloth and cleaned my face. Then, I applied some zit cream to my nose and rubbed moisturizer into my dry zones. If guess if I was going to have my life force sucked out of me by my demonic teacher from hell, I should have at least had clear skin. Besides, just in case I managed to survive my sophomore year, I wanted to look pretty for my new boyfriend Ethan Maeson.

I heaved a sigh as I patted my face dry with a towel.

          At least something had gone right in my life today. Ethan asked me to be his girl, and I said YES! How could I not? I mean, the boy has to just look at me with that smoldering gaze and my insides melted. Not literally, of course, although I supposed they could since he’s an elemental witch, as in he’s got the power to control the elements. So freaking cool. Though Ethan was still honing in his skills, case in point, I accidentally burned my hand a few days ago when I grabbed his arm.

          Note to self. Do not touch Ethan when he’s angry.

          I went back into my bedroom. Alessia was curled up in a white fluff ball, snoozing on my satin comforter. She looked perfectly content, as her nose twitched while she slept. I felt a pang of jealousy that she could fall asleep so easily, then that jealousy turned to annoyance. Didn’t she care that a demon was trying to steal my soul? I may not be the most obedient witch slave, but I’ve always made sure my mom bought the expensive kibbles and I devoted at least an hour each day to scratching behind her ears.

          I dare her to find another witch who gives her so many scratches.

          Relax, little witch. He’s not coming for you tonight. Alessia said this to me in thought, not even bothering to lift her head and look at me with those piercing silver eyes.

          “How do you know this?” I asked, trying to mask my annoyance that my telepathic cat just invaded my mind without permission.

          Has AJ called you?

          AJ, duh. My psychic BFF who literally can see the future. She’s always been able to predict impending death or accidents of her loved ones at least a day or two before they happen. If Sleznick was about to come after me, I’m sure AJ would see it first.

          She’ll warn you before it happens. Alesia confirmed my thoughts, although she was  probably still inside my head, anyway. My brain felt fuzzy. That’s how I knew she was there.

          As if on cue, my phone rang and I jumped.

          I forced myself to calm down when I realized it was probably just Ethan. He stopped by earlier to help me babysit (no, the parents did not know this), and said he’d call me when he got home. I reached for my jeans on the floor and pulled my phone out of the pocket, and then my heart froze when I saw AJ Dawson flashing on the caller ID.

          I slid my finger across the screen to answer. “Hey.”

          “Sophie,” AJ groaned. “Thank the Goddess you’re okay.”

          “Goddess?” I asked, although I really shouldn’t have been concerned by her sudden change in religious deities. What I should have been worried about is the fact that she thought I wasn’t okay.

          “Witch school, ya know,” she answered casually, as if I wasn’t about to have my soul sucked out of my body by a demonic history teacher with really bad breath.

          “AJ, what did you see?” I snapped, unable to keep the impatience — or fear– out of my voice.

          “There was a man chasing you,” she said. “I couldn’t see his face, so I don’t know who it was.”

          I wanted to respond, I did, but my mouth stopped working, along with my lungs, heart, limbs and brain. In fact, I’m fairly certain the earth stopped spinning, too. I hadn’t had the time to tell AJ that I’d recently discovered Sleznick was an incubus.

          I have no idea how my phone was still attached to my ear, but AJ continued without waiting for my reply. “This guy was chasing you through a crowd.” Then she paused, maybe waiting for my response, but my brain still hadn’t kick started into gear. “His eyes were red,” she added with a gasp.

          Oh, no! That was my brain thinking, but I still hadn’t found my voice.

          “You were at Dreamy World.”

          Dreamy World?

          “Sophie,” AJ impatiently huffed. “Are you there?”

          “I-I’m here,” I answered through a shaky voice, as my world started spinning again, albeit slowly. Dreamy World was an entire days’ drive away. My parents hadn’t taken me there since I was a kid, and after our last trip, Dad said he would never take us again. Maybe it had something to do with me wetting my pants on the haunted castle ride. (I was seven, okay, so don’t judge. Those ghosts looked real, really real, and unlike my BFF, Krysta Richards, I don’t handle floating deceased people very well.) Anyway, anyone who knew my dad knew he preferred camping and fishing to riding Eddie the Elephant rides, and he especially hated the creepy Dreamy World employees telling us to have a dreamy day every time we purchased a soda or even farted in their direction.

          So, no, I seriously doubted I’d be going to Dreamy World any time within the next century. For the first time that night, I heaved a sigh of relief.

          “My dad hates Dreamy World. He won’t take me there.”

          “You’re going soon,” she says. “I see Halloween decorations.”

          I shook my head as I fall back on my bed. The day’s stress had left me physically and mentally exhausted. Now that I knew my teacher wasn’t coming for me any time soon, I gave into the fatigue, and massaged the tension out of my neck with my free hand. “My parents aren’t taking me to Dreamy World.”

          “You were there, Sophie,” she stressed. “I saw you running. You were holding a little girl’s hand.”

          Though I come from a big Italian family, other than my twin nephews, I’m the baby. “I don’t have any little girls in my family.”

          “The dream felt so real. Really real.”

          “I’ll talk to my parents and make sure they don’t have any vacation plans. If they do, I’ll tell them to cancel.”

          “Sophie, listen to me very carefully,” AJ enunciated like I was my dear Aunt Louise who’s lost most of her hearing. “You are going to Dreamy World. What I don’t get is why this guy is chasing you.”

          Crappity, crap, crap! She can’t be right, I told myself. But AJ’s never been wrong about a vision before. “I bet it’s my history teacher, Mr. Sleznick. He’s an incubus, AJ.”

          “Mr. Sleznick? I remember him. What the heck is an incubus?”

          “Ask Aunt B. Actually, is she there?” I managed to ask through a shaky voice. “I really need to talk to an adult witch right now.” Maybe Aunt Bertrice can help me make some sense of all this. Maybe she’ll have some good news like AJ accidentally inhaled some of her incense and her visions aren’t reliable. 

          “She’s playing bunco with her coven.”

          “A bunco coven?” Now I’d heard of everything. I wondered if any of Aunt B’s friends were mind readers like me. I was sure those witches had plenty of tricks up their sleeves. I shook my head, trying to clear it of crazy thoughts. Bunco covens were the least of my worries.

          “Hey, whatever makes them happy,” AJ answered.

          “Would you have her call me when she gets home?” I managed to squeak, though my voice had gone so dry, it felt like I’d swallowed a bucket of sand.

          “Sure. You okay?”

          “Not really.” I sighed as I leaned back against the bed. I was so frayed from fear, my muscles felt liquefied. A lot of crazy things have happened to me since I discovered my powers, but nothing so frightening as discovering my teacher wanted to steal my soul. Then I remembered the one good thing that happened to me tonight. “But Ethan asked me to be his girlfriend.”

          AJ let out this weird girly squeal. What had gotten into my jock friend since she moved to Salem? “I hope you said yes.”

          “You know I did.” I draped an arm over my eyes and groaned. That vein above my temple was starting to throb. Another wonderful side-effect of my gnawing panic, no doubt.

          “I’m worried about you, Sophie.” AJ’s voice dropped to a somber tenor. 

          I let out a long sigh, squeezing my fist by my side. “Me, too.”

If you’d like to read a few more chapters, check out Witch Blood on Wattpad.