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Cover Reveal, Say Yes, Something More Book Two


SAY YES is coming!!! Mark your calendars! Release date is October 10!

Say Yes by Tara West, Something More Book Two

***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and mature situations. Not intended for young adult readers.***

Andrés, why can’t it be enough that I love you? That I want to spend forever with you. Why must you expect so much more? I’m not ready for marriage and a family. I don’t know if I ever will be.

Christina, I need to know that what I’m putting into this relationship isn’t all for nothing. To me, you mean everything. But I won’t be your stepping stone. Because as much as it would kill me, if you refuse to commit to something more, I will walk away.

Will Christina ever be ready? Will Andrés stay or walk? Will their love endure or is it doomed before they even have a chance?

Chapter One

“I haven’t seen you in a while, Andrés. How have you been?”

            My hands go clammy as I give the military doctor a blank stare. Why did I think it would be a good idea to come here? Oh, yeah, closure. That’s what I kept telling myself on the drive to the VA hospital. I wanted to let Doctor Barnes know I don’t need to see him anymore.

            Because I don’t. I’m better now.

            I wipe my hands on my jeans, trying to get rid of the excess moisture. It must be hot in here. I have no reason to sweat. No reason at all.         

            “I figured as much.” He crosses one leg over his knee, looking casual as he leans back against the upholstered leather chair, but there’s still that expectant look in his eyes. Even through the glare of the doctor’s glasses, I can sense the man’s impatience. “How else have you been?”

            This shrink is never one to waste time. He’s not afraid to pressure me to get to the point, which is one reason I have always liked him.

            I take a sip from my water bottle, clear my throat, and then answer. “I haven’t had a bad dream in months.”

            After the roadside bomb that flipped our truck and killed my best friend in Afghanistan, I couldn’t escape the nightmares that plagued me. Although the dreams slowed down after I met Christina, they completely stopped three months ago, after my best friend’s wife, Letty, contacted me on Facebook. She’d written me a long letter apologizing for blaming me for James’s death. She’d even invited me to San Antonio for her youngest son’s birthday party. It seems I just needed Letty’s forgiveness for the nightmares to stop.  

            “That’s great news.” The doctor smiles wider this time.

            I can tell this smile is genuine, and I release a pent up breath of air.

            Then the doctor hits me with the next question. “Are you adjusting to life as a civilian?”

            “Oh, yeah.” I nod before sticking one clammy hand in my pants pocket. The little velvet pouch is still there, and though it takes up no more room than a wadded-up tissue, it feels heavy. The weight of it presses into my thigh. What’s worse is, the strain is somehow tethered to an invisible noose that is wrapped around my neck. Each day the pouch feels heavier, and the noose feels tighter, so tight I feel I may suffocate from the pressure. “I’m learning how to take over my uncle’s businesses.” I say the words I rehearsed on the drive over. “Working out and….” I pause and finger the pouch again, “I met a girl.”

            I shift in my seat, trying to suppress my arousal as I envision last night in bed, when Christina’s long auburn hair was fanned around my thighs. I can’t forget the expression in her emerald eyes when she looked up at me, flashing that seductive smile, right before she took me in her mouth.

            SayYes.flat.small“You sound hesitant to talk about her. Are you having second thoughts?”

            “No, never.” I vehemently shake my head before I force myself to stop.

            Doctor Barnes has that look in his eyes again. Damn, he’s too smart for his own good. I remind myself I need to find a new shrink, maybe one a little less observant. Maybe one who nods and agrees with everything I say.

            I avert my gaze, but I can’t escape the feeling Doctor Barnes can see through me, straight into my soul. But I came here to talk, didn’t I? No. I came here to tell the doctor I no longer need him, as soon as I get help with this one little problem.

            I look the doctor in the eyes, take a shaky breath, and slowly exhale, even though the invisible noose is making it harder to breathe. “Ever since we moved in together, my family has been pressuring us to get married.”

            The doctor gives me a pointed look. “How do you feel about marriage?”

            I answer without hesitation. “I love her. I’ll do anything to marry her. I even had a ring made, but I don’t think I have the nerve to pop the question.”

            I shouldn’t have asked Tia for my grandmother’s ring. That was a bad idea. A very bad idea. We’ve only been together six months, and I’ll scare her off. Then I remember Tia wagging a finger in my face and clucking her tongue, telling me the church frowns on sex out of wedlock. saywhen,web

            I don’t want to offend God, but I don’t want to lose Christina, either. Her parents were unloving and abusive. How could she possibly be ready for marriage and family after what she’s been through?     

            Slowly, I pull the velvet pouch out of my pocket, loosen the drawstring, and dump the ring in my palm. I hold the shining silver band beneath the soft glow of the overhead lights.

            “The emeralds came from my grandmother’s wedding band,” I say to the doctor as I press the ring between the tips of my fingers. “They’re the same color as Christina’s eyes.”

            “You said you don’t have the nerve to ask her,” Doctor Barnes asks in an annoyingly impartial monotone. “Why?”

            “It’s just….” I swallow against the tightening knot around my throat as I place the ring back in the pouch. “I’m afraid she won’t say yes.”


 Book one, Say When, is available now on Kindle, iTunes and Nook and in print. 





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Cover Reveal, Trusting You by LP Dover

Title: Trusting You

By: L.P. Dover
Cover Design: Eden Crane Designs
Release Date: October 2013


I trust you …

These are the three words that Melissa Ashford wishes she could say to someone; to the one person she can fully give herself to and not worry about being betrayed. Being twenty-eight years old and divorced from a cheating ex-husband, Melissa enjoys her freedom until one night she finds herself indulging in a one night stand that changes everything.

There’s something about the alluring Brett Walker that has Melissa feeling things she’s never had with any other man; feelings that not only scare her, but push her past her limits. Just when she begins to open her soul to this new love their bond is put to the test when jealousies from the past try to break them apart.

It’s not only Melissa’s trust that’s put on the line, but Brett’s as well. Will their love be strong enough to get them through the lies? Will Melissa finally be able to say those three words she’s been dying to say?

TeaserHis lazy grin grew wider. “I wondered if I’d ever see you again,” he murmured in his low, sexy voice.

I scoffed and tried to step back, but he moved forward, closing the space. Placing my hands on my hips, I said, “Yeah, I bet. Someone like you probably has a different woman every night. I’m pretty sure you don’t even remember my name.” What’s bad is that I remembered his. I didn’t want to remember it, but I did; it was Brett Walker and he was twenty-eight years old, just like me.

Smirking, he narrowed his eyes. “I could say the same for you. You were the one who left me, remember? Imagine my surprise when I woke up and your side of the bed was cold. You didn’t even say good-bye … Melissa. I must say it was a first for me.”


Author Bio

L.P. Dover lives in the beautiful state of North Carolina with her husband and two wonderful daughters. She’s an avid reader that loves her collection of books. Writing has always been her passion and she’s delighted to share it with the world. L.P. Dover spent several years in college starting out with a major in Psychology and then switching to dental. She worked in the dental field for eight years and then decided to stay home with her two beautiful girls.

Her works consist of the Forever Fae series, and the Second Chances series. She’s really excited to be able to experience writing in the different genres. Her reading used to consist of nothing but suspense thrillers, but now she can’t get away from the paranormal/fantasy books. Now that she has started on her passion and began writing, you will not see her go anywhere without a notebook, pen, and her secret energy builder … chocolate.
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Hey, hey, hey! Talk to me and maybe win a prize!

Author.photoI’m having a Facebook party! I’ll be answering your questions live tomorrow from 11-12 AM Eastern. If you can’t make those hours, please sign up anyway and post your question tonight. You’ll still be eligible for prizes. I’m giving away book downloads, signed books, and my awesome coordinator, Jodi Brooks, will be gifting swag, too. A big thanks to Jodi for putting this together for me. You rock!

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The Time Collection is out!!!

So, HEY! I just had a book come out tonight! It’s actually a short story as part of an anthology with my friends. It’s only .99 on Amazon right now. I will let everyone know when it goes live at other ebook stores. The stories in here are awesome, too, because I hang out with the cool writers. 😉

Click HERE to download! 1170877_1409226852634218_1841158775_n

Whether you’re traveling forward in time, back in time, or even if you’ve forgotten the time, you’ll enjoy reading these time-themed stories from the Eclective.

An Arbor Day Carol by M Edward McNally: On the night before the holiday, Kevin Weeser is visited by three spirits…wow, that sounds really familiar for some reason.

The Paradox by Alan Nayes: Michael Jenks travels to his future and becomes rich.

Rachel by CD Reiss: Rachel is number 5.5 in the Songs of Submission romance series, spanning two time periods in the life of Jonathan Drazen.

A Stitch In Time by Shéa MacLeod: After pissing off Thor (god of thunder/major jerk), Branwen (goddess of love and beauty/cupcake addict) finds herself thrust back in time to Regency era England. History will never be the same.
The Walking Tree by Tara West: Trees were not meant to have dreams, and if they did, they were not supposed to voice them. When Manuel hears of the land of limitless light, his dreams may be his undoing.

The Bus Stop by G.R. Yeates: Through a dark city, a man travels seeking to understand the meaning of the life that he endures in a place where even hope itself seems to have been utterly extinguished.

Timestone by Greg James: In a time after the time that we know, a wanderer crosses the wasteland that remains of human civilisation. One thing can set him free from this nightmare of the future – the Timestone.

Last Leap by Heather Marie Adkins: With access to her past, can Mila change her future?