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An open letter to mud from Benny the dog

Benny relaxing after chasing me on my four wheeler.

Dear mud, I love you. Actually, I love everything but I love you most of all. Well, with the exception of leftover roast beef, rawhide treats, scratches behind the ears and hugs from my kid.

But I do love you more than licking my butt, even after I’ve found a crunchy surprise.

I love you more than those squished lizards on the road in front of our house. They are not filling, anyway.

I certainly love you more than bath-time and trips to the vet, even though I let my vet know I love her by planting big sloppy kisses on her face. I love you more than catching my frisbee. I love you more than stealing Hunter’s football. That black dog gets too much attention.

I love you more than chasing goats and cats. I love you more than I love barking at the mailman and cable guy.

In short, I love you so much. I’m glad you’re a part of my life, and that you are there to comfort me after Mommy gives me a bath and tries to make me smell like flowers. I love you because you understand exactly what this dog needs to be content–nice, soft, squishy mud. You soothe my bug bites and cool me down after I chase my family around. I don’t care if I have to withstand a thousand baths, so long as I can return to you. You and I shall never part, mud.

Yours truly,

Benny the dog

**On a side note, Benny and my angel labs in heaven, Jack and Buster, were actually the inspiration for Ryne’s loyal companion, Tar, from my YA fantasy, Curse of the Ice Dragon. Tar risks his life many times to protect those he loves. My labs have always been loyal and protective of the family. Aren’t dogs the most amazing animals? 

Ahhhh. Benny had a busy day chasing us on our four wheelers. He just loves being part of the family.


An open letter to the vacuum from the dog

Dear vacuum,

I hate you.

I hate you more than fleas. I hate you more than ticks. I even hate you more than vaccines.

In other words, I hate you.

Those clumps of hair I left all over the sofa–those were not meant for you. Same with the dirt I tracked on carpet. Kindly give it all back.

I do not understand why my mommy pushes you around.Thank goodness she doesn’t do it very often.

The next time she leaves you out, I think I will shred your cord with my razor sharp teeth. I do not care if I get in trouble. I do not care if I get sent to the corner or thrown outside.

By the way, have I told you how much I hate you? Because I really, really hate you.

I even hate you more than bath-time. That is how much I hate you.


The Dog, aka The Queen, aka P-Nut