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Ahhhh! Slight issue with Whispers boxed set

whispers.1.3.boxed.kindleFirst off, I’d like to thank everyone who’s downloaded copies of my Whispers Boxed Set this week. Major SQUEEE!!!! I’ve sold over 1K copies. Not to shabby.

Now for the bad news. Ahhhh!!!! It has recently come to my attention that my Nook and Kobo versionsĀ  have two Don’t Tell Mothers and are missing the first book, Sophie’s Secret. Well, that sucks.

Here’s the good news. Sophie’s Secret is FREE on Kobo and Nook, so you can download the free book that you’re missing. Or, you can update your current book, because the formatting issue has been resolved, and all three books are included in the boxed set now. Sorry for the confusion. šŸ˜‰


Download the Boxed Set on Kobo and Nook.

Download Sophie’s Secret on Kobo and Nook.