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Cruxim by Karin Cox

Cover art by Christine DeMaio-Rice.

Cover art by Christine DeMaio-Rice.

Every so often I’ll read a book that is so engrossing, it forces me to neglect EVERYTHING until I finish. Cruxim by Karin Cox is definitely one of those books.

Before reading Cruxim, I thought it would be another paranormal vampire novel. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I first began reading Amedeo’s story, I was intrigued by the mystery and drama surrounding this winged creature who feasts on vampires. Yes, vampires. These vampires are not the heroes. They do not sparkle and are definitely not cool. They are evil, bloodsucking plagues, and it’s Cruxim’s job to rid the earth of them. And then there’s Sabine, the Sphinx, whose job is also to feast on vampires. Cruxim’s and Sabine’s relationship is complicated. There’s definitely sexual tension, as they explore the idea of forbidden love. Then add Joslyn to the love triangle. She’s a girl Amedo once loved who had been unwittingly turned into a vampire.

Their paths cross more than once, and often times their lives are mired in personal tragedy and strife, as Amedo and Sabine are being hunted by an evil scientist.

I thought the blend of paranormal and mythology brilliant. The grammar flawless. The prose, poetic. If I could give this book a higher rating, I would. It is simply the most intriguing and original paranormal I’ve ever read.

Some of the gruesome scenes in this book may be too disturbing and graphic for my younger readers, but I think my 18+ fans will definitely love it.

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