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Lifestyles of the Redneck and (sorta) Famous


Squeeeee!!! In just two weeks, my crit buddy,  Shéa MacLeod will flying to Texas from London be help celebrate my Birthday!

For those of you who don’t know Shéa, she just signed a publishing deal with Montlake Romance, a division of Amazon Publishing, for her Sunwalker Series. The first book, Kissed by Darkness, will be rereleased this fall.  While she’s here, we’re going to visit The Riverwalk, The Alamo, take a ghost tour and just plain old have fun.

To tell the truth, I was a little nervous having a big time writer pal come stay at my place. My digs are a little redneck, to say the least. So I’ve had to make a lot of adjustments in order to get mi casa up to par. I have literally transformed my country home into a five star hotel. I sure hope she likes it.

For starters, I’ve updated my child’s toy room (aka guest suite), added personal touches to the bathroom, plus I’ve hired a professional gardener (aka my husband) who has done wonders with the landscaping. I posted some pictures of the transformation. I’m willing to bet Shéa finds my redneck retreat fancier than those guilded digs in London. I sure hope you agree.

Shéa will be picked up from the airport in this state-of-the-art Southern limousine, where she will be whisked away to her private retreat.

Immediately upon Shéa’s arrival, she will be treated to a plate of my homemade fried chicken served on my finest China. No luxury Southern vacation would be complete without it.

Her suite comes with a fully stocked kitchen and her very own personal attendant. Notice the fancy artwork hanging on the walls? No expense was spared.

The luxurious bathroom comes with all the expected amenities such as shampoo and soap, in addition to her own personal collection of Pet Shop and Polly Pocket bathtub toys.

She will be given her own personal designer dog complete with a beautiful Gucci fleamarket knockoff handbag.

During the day, Shéa can relax by the luxury pool with its own private red barn cabana while basking in the beautiful landscape of the Texas Live Oaks, old truck parts and rusty deer feeder.

Her bed will arrive soon as it’s on special order from the high-falutin furniture gallery known as Walmart. The expensive rug was imported from Target (pronounced Tar-jay).


Author: tarawestauthor

A former Texas high school teacher, Tara enjoyed coaching her writing team and even the hectic deadlines that came with running the school publications. After taking a break to raise her baby girl, Tara now works from home as a cover artist. In her spare time, Tara loves to read, exercise and spend time with her family and friends. She contributes the cover art for her own novels and has designed covers for over 500 other books. She’d love for you to visit her at www.tarawest.com where you can check out her Whispers series and sample her artwork.

16 thoughts on “Lifestyles of the Redneck and (sorta) Famous

  1. Hm, Tar-jay. Fancy. 🙂

  2. your place looks great–miss that good old texas landscape. i can visualize shea in her morgan bailey bikini diving (or maybe just jumping) into your pool from the bough of a beautiful texas live oak. yes, we want photos!

  3. How I do miss House of Tar-jay. And I love that the limo is YELLOW!!!!! And big. I know they like to say bigger isn’t always better, but …

    THEY LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. O.M.G. LUV IT!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
    Spectacular post…

  5. I LOVE IT! I still wish I could hook up with you two . 😦 Have a drink (or two) for me.

  6. Finally, I have something to aspire to! When I make it big, I want to be the first guest at your Shèa MacLeod Slept Here Suite! 😉

  7. For our Honeymoon, my wife and I stayed with a cousin of mine there in San Antonio for a couple night before heading to Galveston and then over to NOLA. But, while we were there in San Antonio my cousin took us to an abbandoned hospital on the southern edge of town. I think it was a tuberculosis hospital. Creepy place!!! The downside was when we got back to the car and found the drivers windows busted out. Other than that, however, it was pretty cool.

    • Hmmm. I have never been to that hospital. I wonder if it’s on the ghost tour. 🙂

      • It might be, but somehow I think it’s gone now, or will be. When we were there you could see where they started grating, making way for a road, but there’s no telling. Plus, we learned later walking onto the property usually gets the police called. I did catch a few really interesting pictures, however. The strangest part was after we got to Galveston and some of the pictures we took in the Bed and Breakfast turned out with the same dark glow.

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